Ben records the majority of his projects at his cool home studio in San Anselmo, CA. Here’s an equipment list:

Computer: Dual 2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Mac Pro sporting 6 GB of RAM. Loaded up with almost the complete set of UAD Powered Plug-ins, WaveArt eqs, compressors and effects, Altiverb reverb, Spectrasonics Stylus, Trilian, and Omnisphere, Native Instruments Komplete 5 soft synths, Toontrack Superior Drummer, LA Scoring Strings, Arturia Analog Laboratory, and an extensive library of samples from around the globe. MacPro laptop with Digital Performer 9, Logic 10, and tons of UAD, Wave Arts, and Sound Toys plug-ins.

Microphones: Soundelux U99, AKG C-414 B ULS, Neumann KM184s (matched pair), AKG 535, AKG 451 (2), AKG D112, Octava MK-012 (2), Sennheiser 421 (2), Shure SM57 (2), Shure SM58.

Interfaces, mic pres, and converters: Lavry 4496 dual channel mic pre with A/D and D/A conversion up to 96k - 24bit,, UAD Apollo 8 Interface, MOTU 2408 mkIII, UAD-2 Satellite, 8-Channel Presonus Digimax LT.

Recording Software: Digital Performer 7.2, Pro Tools 9 (for transferring projects to Digital Performer), Logic 10.

Monitors: Klein and Hummel 300

Keyboards: Yamaha P-80, Arturia Analog Laboratory 49 key keyboard, Korg M1, Harmonium, Melodica.

Outboard Synthesizers: Roland 1080, EMU Vintage Pro, Korg M1

Sampler: AKAI S900 with extensive library of sounds

Outboard Effects: Distressor EL-8, Alesis Quadraverb II

Guitars and Basses: Fender American Deluxe Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul Studio Series electric guitar, Fender Precision bass guitar, Fender 5-string Jazz bass, Taylor 310-CE acoustic guitar, Taylor NS72-CE Nylon String acoustic guitar, Baby Taylor acoustic guitar, tenor banjo

Amplifiers: Fender 40-Watt Hot Rod Deluxe, Gallien-Krueger MB212 bass amplifier.

Guitar Accessories: POD V.2 preamp, Vox wah wah pedal, volume pedal.

Drums and Percussion: Roland V-Drums Stage Set with TD-10 sound module, 2 Pearl acoustic drum sets, 15 or so cymbals, Matador congas, bongos, timbales, extensive collection of auxilliary percussion, dholak, darbouka, 2 cajons, 2 udu pots, glockenspiel, kanjira, bodhran, frame drum.

Horns: Scholastic Trumpet, Yamaha Tenor Saxophone