Ben records the majority of his projects at his cool home studio in San Anselmo, CA. Here’s an equipment list:

Computer: Dual 2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Mac Pro sporting 6 GB of RAM. Loaded up with almost the complete set of UAD Powered Plug-ins, WaveArt eqs, compressors and effects, Altiverb reverb, Spectrasonics Stylus, Trilian, and Omnisphere, Native Instruments Komplete 5 soft synths, Toontrack Superior Drummer, LA Scoring Strings, Arturia Analog Laboratory, and an extensive library of samples from around the globe.

Microphones: Soundelux U99, AKG C-414 B ULS, a matched pair of Neumann KM184s, AKG 535, AKG 451 (2), AKG D112, Octava MK-012 (2), Sennheiser 421 (2), Shure SM57 (2), Shure SM58.

Mic Pres and Converters: Lavry 4496 dual channel mic pre with A/D and D/A conversion up to 96k - 24bit,, 8-Channel Presonus Digimax LT

Interfaces: MOTU 2408 mkIII.

Recording Software: Digital Performer, Pro Tools 9 (for transferring projects to Digital Performer), Logic 10.

Monitors: Klein and Hummel 300

Keyboards: Yamaha P-80, Arturia Analog Laboratory 49 key keyboard, Korg M1, Harmonium, Melodica.

Outboard Synthesizers: Roland 1080, EMU Vintage Pro, Moog Prodigy, Korg M1

Sampler: AKAI S900 with extensive library of sounds

Outboard Effects: Distressor EL-8, Alesis Quadraverb II

Guitars: Fender American Deluxe Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul Studio Series electric guitar, Fender Precision bass guitar, Taylor 310-CE acoustic guitar, Taylor NS72-CE Nylon String acoustic guitar, Baby Taylor acoustic guitar, tenor banjo

Amplifiers: Fender 40-Watt Hot Rod Deluxe, Gallien-Krueger MB212 bass amplifier.

Guitar Accessories: POD V.2 preamp, Vox wah wah pedal, volume pedal.

Drums and Percussion: Roland V-Drums Stage Set with TD-10 sound module, 2 Pearl acoustic drum sets, 15 or so cymbals, Matador congas, bongos, timbales, extensive collection of auxilliary percussion, dholak, darbouka, 2 cajons, kanjira, bodhran, frame drum.

Horns: Scholastic Trumpet, Yamaha Tenor Saxophone