New Releases for Ben Leinbach Music

Rob and Melissa

Rob and Melissa have a beautiful music rapport together. Their voices blend wonderfully, and they write inspiring music. I produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered this recording.



Johanna Beekman
Heart Beats One

Johanna sings with depth, passion, and soul. On this project, I helped with editing, mixing, and added some additional production elements here and there.

Annmarie Soul
Back To The Garden

Annmarie writes captivating songs that are moving and transformational. I produced this album, played bass, a bit of guitar, percussion, mixed and mastered.



Yvette Om
We Are One

Yvette wrote some lovely, heartfelt songs for this release. She sings beautifully on tracks that range from gentle lullabies to lively latin-jazz. I produced, recorded, and mixed this album.



Claire Whittleston
Dreams Can Come True

Claire brings a fresh sound to mantra music. She wanted an "old-school soul" vibe for this recording, and i was totally game to pursue that direction. This 3-song EP is a soulful, funky, uplifting experience. I produced, recorded, and mixed this project.

Jhanavi Harrison
Like a River to the Sea

Jhanavi has a gorgeous voice, and writes some beautiful melodies. The energetic experience on this album spans from the sweet sublime to wild revelry. It was a joy to mix this album.



Radhanath Swami
A Journey Home Audio Book

Radhanath Swami recorded the narration from his book, The Journey Home, about his his spiritual journey to India. Working closely with Gaura Vani and Jai Uttal, I edited the voice over, added music from my catalog of music and music that Jai and I have created together, and did the sound design. Gaura, Jai and I also composed several new music cues for this audio book. I think that is it quite an engaging listen.



Living Waters

Benjy and Heather Wertheimer are amazing musicians. Mastering this album was a joy. I got to listen to this beautiful music and help apply the final touches to the audio.



Adi Aham
Going Beyond

Adi-Aham crafted up some spirited and catchy kirtans for this release entitled "Going Beyond". I mastered this project.


Clair Oaks
Clair Oaks 7

This is a wonderful collection of uplifting songs from Clair Oaks. I mixed this one.

Ashana Sophia

Ashan Sophia beautifully blends lush, ambient soundscapes with essences of Celtic and Renaissance music and soaring vocals. I mastered this one.


Ashley Wynn

Ashley and I took her melody and chordal ideas and developed this super cool "Alternative Pop/New Age" jam that "blesses new beginnings".



Chris Haugen CD Image

Chris Haugen
Falling Water Shimmering Strings

This is an amazing collection of rootsy, ambient meditative jams. I helped with a touch of production sweetening on one of the tracks.



Spark and Whisper The Circle

Spark and Whisper
The Circle (Single)

I love the songs that Velvy and Anita write. I recorded several of the instruments on this song, and edited and mixed.



Christine Mason Sette Dreams CD Image

Christine Marie Mason
Sweet Dreams (Single)

Christine has a sweet voice and writes some lovely melodies. I helped Christine with the composition and arrangement of this song, and produced, recorded, and mixed the recording.



Christine Mason Million Billion Stars Image

Christine Marie Mason
Million Billion Stars (Single)

Another sweet jam. A lullaby. I helped Christine with the composition and arrangement, and produced, recorded, and mixed the recording.

Adam Kandel Limitless Love CD Image

Adam Kandel and Jenna sommer
Limitless Love

This is a great collection of spirited songs and infectious grooves. I did the mastering on this one.

Thanks very much for reading!