Ben Leinbach Performances


And here's the latest from the stage and the recording studio:


rob and melissa breathe cd

Rob and Melissa

This is the second album that I've produced and recorded with Rob and Melissa. Between bingeing on tempeh reuben sandwiches and lots of laughter, I believe some really wonderful music was captured. These two compose compelling songs and sing beautifully.



ananda yogiji flower of life album

Ananda Yogiji
Flower of Life

Ananda created a collection of powerful songs for this solo release. Some of these tracks seriously rock. Others are gorgeous ballads. It's quite a sonic journey. I played drums on several of the tracks as well as mixed and mastered this album.



ben leinbach love will lead the way single

Ben Leinbach
Love Will Lead the Way

Here's a new single of mine. Some say it has a bit of a country flavor. I was trying to do a motown thing, but OK. Country is cool. I'm not taking myself too seriously on this one. That's a good practice for me. Hope you dig it.



Kat macmillan take my hand single

Kavita Kat Macmillan
Take My Hand (feat. Jai Uttal)

Kat has a lovely voice. I believe this is her debut recording. It's a good one. I was very happy to be a part of its creation. She brought me on board to edit, arrange and mix this track, as well as to record a vocal performance by Jai Uttal.



jens jarvie band

I thoroughly enjoyed this set with Jens Jarvie and The Heart Wide Open at Om Rising music festival in Navarro, CA. I also performed with Ayla Nereo and sat in on djembe with Sukhawat Ali Khan and Baraka Moon. Real good vibes.



greg lamboy the honeyed and the bittersweet album

Greg Lamboy
The Honeyed and The Bittersweet

Greg Lamboy is a true craftsman when it comes to writing catchy pop-rock songs. I played drums on this album, plus worked with Gregsi on the editing, mixing, and mastering.

Linn Brown released a bunch of amazing singles this year!

linn brown yeah yeah yeah single

linn brown skylark single

linn brown unwelcome stranger single

linn brown the glory single

linn brown all choked up inside

linn brown down in mitchell hollow single

linn brown let me go live by the ocean single

linn brown presence of absence single

Linn Brown

Working with Linn Brown has always been a pleasure. Not only is she a master of the art of songwriting, but she brings me lunch for every recording session. What a sweetheart! We also have a good ole time recording vocal harmonies together, and I get to play percussion and bass on some of her songs. She has been releasing the songs as singles as they get completed.



regina rhythm la medicina single

Regina Rhythm
La Medicina

We had a great time working on this track. Regina put down some grooving calabash, udu, shaker, and ngoni tracks and then sang beautifully over the top. The filmmaker Amy Hart of "Secret Ingredients" fame (check that out here) brought this session to me. It was great to work with both of them. Although the lyrics are in Spanish, this track has a universal feel to it. Gabe Harris contributed to the recording as well with some great ngoni and frame drum tracks.



saul david raye band

With Saul David Raye and band at Bhakti Fest. Saul is one of my favorite yoga teachers, and he offers up a powerful kirtan set as well.

surfing in afghanistan the movie

Surfing In Afghanistan
The Movie

Afridun Amu, the first Afghan athlete to internationally represent Afghanistan in surfing, is also the co-creator of this movie, "Surfing in Afghanistan". It's a work in progress and the trailer looks amazing. Check it out here. Afridun and the producers licensed a track from Jai Uttal and me for this movie. I'm looking forward to seeing how they fit it in.


angelika loving gaia album

Loving Gaia

I helped Angelika Schafer mix a couple of the tracks on this great collection of enriching songs.


johanna beekman band

With Johanna Beekman at Bhakti Fest. I jumped around between various instruments on this gig playing harmonium, guitar, percussion, and singing some backing vocals. Johanna is always fired up and bringing it, both on the stage and in the studio.


paul avgerinos devotion album

Paul Avgerinos

It was a pleasure to help with the recording and arranging of Jai Uttal's voice for a track on this collection of uplifting tracks from Grammy-winner Paul Avgerinos.



ben leinbach wonder single

Ben Leinbach

Listen on:

I may have a bit of a reputation of being a creator of ambient chill-out music, but i grew up playing rock and roll and listening to Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. I was always a big fan of an infectious feel-good pop song as well. This track merges elements of pop and soul with a backdrop of techno and a dose of 90s grunge.

Jai Uttal can be heard on this track singing a spooky vocal line in the interlude and bringing the pop-rock to the chorus with his electric guitar part. He composed the string melody on the bridge as well. Gawain Mathews added some great textures on electric guitar on the ride out. Please check it out.

I also have projects in the works with Jaya Lakshmi, Johanna Beekman, Dawnia Dresser, Mike Cohen, Marcie Grambeau, Katie Wise, Prema Love, Daniel Bellone, April White, Adam Bauer, Kimberly Haynes, Ananta Govinda, Joshua Miller, and Brian McEnaney.



ben leinbach waterfall single

Ben Leinbach
May This Be Love

I've been sitting on this instrumental bed of music with the intention of tracking a cover of Jimi Hendrix's "May This Be Love" (Waterfall) for quite some time. I finally added some vocals, and tracked Gawain Mathews on some psychedelic electric guitar.


ben leinbach yoga soundtracks album

Ben Leinbach
Yoga Soundtracks - Volume 1

My latest solo album release. A collection of lush, smooth, entrancing ambient world music tracks for yoga, chilling out, or deep sonic voyages.



ben leinbach katia leonardo chris krotky this love's dream single

Ben Leinbach, Katia Leonardo, Chris Krotky
This Love's Dream (Single)

A world/dance jam composed and produced in collaboration with vocalist Katia Leonardo and producer Chris Krotky.

Thanks very much for reading!