Ben Leinbach Performances


And here's the latest news from the recording studio.



Ben Leinbach Waterfall Single

Ben Leinbach
May This Be Love

I've been sitting on this instrumental bed of music with the intention of tracking a cover of Jimi Hendrix's "May This Be Love" (Waterfall) for quite some time. I finally added some vocals, and tracked Gawain Mathews on some psychedelic electric guitar.


Jens Jarvie Heart Wide Open Album

Jens Jarvie and the Heart Wide Open
Path of Prayers

I love how this recording came out. Jens was determined to make this album as epic as possible. It features six long hard-grooving and super-festive sonic journeys.

Mike Cohen Single

Michael H. Cohen

Mike Cohen came back into the studio to track another album of spirited and hard grooving kirtan. The tracks came out great. Instead of putting out an album, he is gradually releasing singles. That's Dawnia Dresser in the photo with us. She's a great singer who frequently sings with Mike.


Yvette Om Divine Album

Yvette Pecararo

This is my third album with Yvette, and it's always a pleasure to work with her. She created another collection of beautiful songs and sings with great passion and spirit.



Secret Ingredients DVD

Secret Ingredients
A Film By Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart

I got to work closely with Amy on the soundtrack for several parts of this film. It's a great film about GMOs and Roundup and the gnarly stuff going on with food production these days.




Linn Brown Shinrin Yoku Single

Linn Brown

I've been working with Linn Brown for decades. She is a very talented singer-songwriter. When we are in the studio together, I'm always looking over her shoulder trying to figure out her crafty chord changes. Like a lot of musicians, she has moved on to releasing singles as they get finished versus waiting to complete a whole album.




Annmarie Soul Shine Single

Annmarie Soul

Annmarie has a rich and compelling voice, and writes catchy feel-good songs with inspiring and uplifting messages. "Shine" is one of two singles that we recently tracked.


Nagavalli Om Shiva

Nagavalli Om

Nagavalli is an amazing singer. She has Indian raga singing chops for days, and likes to mix that with western instruments and grooves. She calls her style "Eastern Soul". This is one of two singles that we worked on together.

Jose Neto Abadiania Album

Jose Neto
Abadiania Musical Story

Neto is a composer of beautiful music and a crazy talent on the guitar. I recorded a few of the tracks on this collection. It's always an honor to work with him.


Michael Hathaway Jaya Bhavani Remix

Michael Hathaway
Jaya Bhavani

This is a remix that i did for Michael Hathaway. I love taking parts from the multitrack of a previous recording and adding new grooves and textures, and re-framing the melodies with new chord changes. Michael writes really interesting melodies, so this song was a great joy to remix.




Tony Lauria The Healing Tide Album

Tony Lauria
The Healing Tide

Tony is a very accomplished composer and instrumentalist. I've mastered the last three or so of his projects and they are all beautiful.




Annmarie Soul Phoenix Single

Annmarie Soul

This is another great track that i recorded and co-produced with Annmarie.



Nagavalli Madana Mohana Single

Madana Mohana Murari

This is the second single that I produced with Nagavalli. I love the groove on this one, and Nagavalli's singing is extraordinary.



Nagavalli Jhini Re Jhini Single

Jhini Re Jhini

Nagavalli sent me the raw tracks of a recording of ambient and meditative music and asked me to edit, arrange, mix, and master the project. The music is entrancing and the singing mesmerizing. "Jhini Re Jhini" is a single from that collection of music.


Tallulah Coldiron Purple Scrunchy Album

Tallulah Coldiron
Purple Scrunchy

Tallulah is a talented up-and-coming singer-songwriter. I recorded several songs and demo videos for her.


Thanks very much for reading!