ABOUT — Testimonials for Ben Leinbach Music

“I have the greatest respect and admiration for Ben Leinbach as a musician, producer, composer, and co-conspirator. The breadth and scope of his musical vision ranges from deep meditation to funky urban madness and everything in between. I love his work and I love working with him.”
— Jai Uttal, Musician

"I don't really understand Ben's gift, but I will try to explain it. He somehow reaches back into the source of a song and builds the production around it's very heart, so that the end result is a loving homage to that moment of conception which sparked its life. You never feel that your songs have taken a long strange trip from seed to fruit, you feel that they have come home at last. Whatever his gift is; empathy, talent, witchcraft, it is rare."
— Prajna Viera of Mukti

“Ben Leinbach is not only a remarkable musician, composer and producer, he is an inspiring collaborator. Ben is a creative and compassionate perfectionist...an enviable foundation for mastery in the music world. His musical offerings and his ability to capture what is essential in a studio setting make him simply extraordinary!”

— Erin Fleming, Yoga Instructor

“Ben delivers a tangible atmospheric touch to any musical idea that comes through his hands. With an ability to create seamless transitions and lush rhythmic swells, he creates an integrative sound that is truly his own. Ben always delivers a production that leaves you feeling as though you are floating three feet off the ground in a world only Ben could create, bringing you back to the ground with ease and gratitude that your work has just been in the hands of a technical and creative musical wizard.
— Amie Penwell, Singer/Songwriter

“Many heartfelt thanks to you for everything you have given to our project over the past couple months. Your exceptional talent, skill, openness, warmth, humor, and kindness fill me with huge gratitude... You truly get the award for coolest music maker.”
— Brenda McMorrow, Musician

"You are by far, the finest "Yogi" musician around. I call you a Yogi because your music exemplifies the spiritual journey we are all on. "
— Tracy Wilson

"He's a soulful genius. "

— Ben's dad