Reviews of Ben Leinbach's Music


amrita album

Reviews of Amrita, composed and produced by Prajna Vieira and Ben Leinbach.

"I must say that your latest release with Prajna Vieira is not only superb -- it is transcendent.  It draws out such deep emotion and helps to lift and liberate my soul."
-Stuart Rice, yoga instructor

"The sweetest nectar".
-Sarah Garney, LA Yoga Magazine

"Deeply stirring, passionate".
-Album Reviewer

"This album is just so beautiful, with compelling sonic landscapes. The production values are amazing."
-Roz Narcowich, album reviewer

"The music they make together is so beautiful, rich, delicious. This is not traditional kirtan (call and response). It is simply BEAUTIFUL, devotional music."
-Liz, album reviewer

sangha album

Reviews of Sangha, produced by Ben Leinbach and featuring collaborations with Jai Uttal, Deva Premal and Miten, Snatam Kaur, Donna de Lory, Jaya Lakshmi, David Newman, Prajna Vieira, and Mukti.

“Mantra music producer Ben Leinbach is the King Midas of devotional chant: it seems that everything he touches turns into gold. (On Sangha) he applied his own mantra-music mojo to create gorgeous, transcendent soundscapes that will appeal to yogis and other spiritual seekers alike. Sangha is a rare gift from the kirtan community, lovingly facilitated by the masterful Leinbach.”
— Katherine Rae, Yoga Journal

“Beautiful, ambient music that crosses the border from the "new age" genre into very interesting listening!”
— S. Bazaar, album reviewer

“(The featured artist’s) work with Ben Leinbach allows the power of mantra to infuse the listener. Beautiful instrumentals and melodies open your heart.”
— Dub Goddess, album reviewer

“Each track has an expansive breadth that transcends any one style, time, or place, and is recorded so clearly that the already beautific, clear voices of the chanter/singers seem to be coming out of your own thoughts and breath.”
— Common Ground Magazine



bhakti bazaar album

Reviews of Bhakti Bazaar, produced and composed by Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach.

“Jai and Ben will take you on a journey through the 14 planetary systems by way of kirtan. The music is grand and on the cutting edge of sound and transcendence. This CD will give life to the world of music. .”
— Radhanath Das, musician

“This album is OUT OF THIS WORLD! The music is spacial, fluid and richly textured. Watch out yoga students - you'll be inhaling and exhaling to this music as I'll be playing it non-stop for a looooooooong time.”
— LuciaRT., album reviewer

“Mesmerizing. Richly woven tapestry of chanting and instruments. Fills my living space with tranquility.”
— David M., album reviewer



spirit of yoga album

Reviews of The Spirit of Yoga, produced and composed by Ben Leinbach.

“These compositions for yoga practice...are some of the finest that I've heard.”
— Timothy Burgin, Founder and Executive Director,

“It is positively nirvanic.”
— Leza Lowitz, author of “Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By” and Director of Sun and Moon Yoga, Tokyo

“A gift of precious serenity for any meditator or healer...”
— Kathryn Sargent, Aquarius Magazine

“Ben Leinbach captures a truly majestic soundscape for releasing the mind and body.”
— CD Baby

“Its four extended tracks breathe a seemingly unending flow of balance and reverence that is quite magical and transporting.”
— Jason Victor Serinus, Spirit of Change

“The Spirit of Yoga is marvelous music that infuses listeners with peace and well-being.”
— Mara Applebaum, New Age Retailer

“If all his life lessons have led him to making this album he serves as a great spiritual navigator.”
— John Beaudin, Smooth Jazz Canada


music for yoga and other joys album

Reviews of Music for Yoga and Other Joys, produced and composed by Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach.

“The music is haunting and hypnotic and there is something about it that reaches into your soul.”
— Amazon reviewer

“This is probably one of the best CD's for yoga music... an album that is evocative, sensuous and meditative. There is an almost hypnotic vibe to this collection of songs - it seems to bring one into a state of tranquility almost instantly. Very chilling, very groovy.”
— Sparkle Reed (Milwaukee, WI)

“This is heavenly...I would prescribe it for anyone who loves to be taken to a higher plane through music. Great for feeling the expanse of space, love and beauty.”
— Marebear (CD Baby)

“I do love this cd, I can listen to it over and over again and it gives me a lot of inspiration, it makes me feel love and devotion. I tell all my students and friends about this brilliant music.”
— Bhawani (CD Baby)

“This album marks a whole new level of musical accomplishment.”
— New Age Retailer


moola mantra album

Reviews of Deva Premal’s Moola Mantra CD, produced by Ben Leinbach.

“I've been listening to music, all kinds, especially classical, for seven decades. Then I heard the Moola Mantra... It is the most perfect piece of music that has ever graced my ears.”
— Peter Masley (Columbia, MD)

"Just got Moola Mantra and it's amazing! Best yet ..ever! Very pro and sounds awesome."
— John Leckie (Producer, UK)

“The Moola Mantra CD is off the charts beautiful...”
— Michigan yogini (Michigan, USA)

“This CD is enthralling.”
— One Spirit (Venice, FL)

“This album is produced by Ben Leinbach, a VERY wise choice by Premal. He has "it". He doesn't over produce, keeping things much simpler and letting the music breathe.”
— F. Natusch (Martha's Vineyard)

“I know and love all of Deva Premal's albums and feel this is the best so far. It is like a deep pool of calm, peace and spiritual nectar... I find it very calming and healing...”
— Paul Temple  (Boulder, CO)

“This is another brilliant incredible expression of God's love in music.”
— Samuel D. Naples

“Leinbach is a capable multi-instrumentalist with a gift for trance grooves that don't tire and evocative instrumental touches...The music is a languid float down an endless stream...”
— John Diliberto

"I totally love the work you did on Deva Premal's new Moola Mantra CD. It is so exquisitely beautiful and has become my favorite album. And every time I listen I hear new layers and dimensions of masterful production."
— Sudhananda

"It is a mystery how you could create such a warm celestial sound on the Moola Mantra,it is just a masterpiece..."
— Rainer Scheurenbrand


diana rogers album

Reviews of Love Reigns, by Diana Rogers. Produced by Ben Leinbach and featuring compositions by Diana and Ben.

“A flawlessly produced technical production...Inspired and inspiring,”
— Midwest Book Review

“Listeners will be enchanted by the eight tracks which make up Love Reigns. I simply found it to be such a moving audio... Love Reigns definitely is in a class by itself. Of all the audios that I have listened to in 2007 by far this one is one of the most memorable ones I have yet to find.”
— Suzie Housley (

“If you need music to give you what your hectic life lacks, this is the stuff. Basic, smooth, and able to trance me out of my most alpha moods.”
— Marneptune (Madison, NJ, USA)

“...creates a space in which you merge with the primordial vibration of the universe. Not only does the music move you...”
— Reviewed by Cherie Lassiter (

“...gorgeous melodies...The music lifts moods and inspires us...I find that when I listen...I can engage in a flow that allows me to magnetize positive events in my life.”
— Moon Child (The Whole Music Experience)